The Most Secret Place on Earth

Director: Marc Eberle
Writers: Tom Vater, Marc Eberle
Production Company: Gebrueder Beetz
Director of Photography: Richard Ladkani
Sound: Bert Bartel
Producer: Christian Beetz
Music Composer: Nils Kacirek
Editors: Oliver Stammel, Tobias Steinigeweg



Fred Branfman on US secret bombings in LaosTony Poe X-TRA, Template for COL. Kurtz in Apocalypse NowJames Lilley, DEP. CIA STATION CHIEF on the ghosts of  the past and the high life in a war zoneVint Lawrence, former CIA CASE OFFICER on geopoliticsEli Chavez, former CIA CASE OFFICER, on US Foreign PolicyCharlie Weitz, former AIR AMERICA PILOT on the AMERICAN WAY of War









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